Rebecca Newton And The Last Oracle image

Rebecca Newton And The Last Oracle

Mario Routi


The Epic tale continues and Rebecca’s limits aretested to the max!

Princess Leylah, daughter of Rebecca Newton and King Turgoth, is growing up and so is her power to foresee future events as she has the greatest gift imaginable: She is the Oracle! While trying to come to terms with her unique powers, she finds herself nurturing deep feelings for Alexander, Lady Felicia and Lord Leiko’s son. But how does he feel about her?

Meanwhile, Cronus and the Titans are preparing a master plan to take over Earth with the help of the Sartani and they are calling on the armies of ancient evil entities to assist them in seizing control of the Sacred Flame in order to free themselves.

At the same time in the Elysian Fields, Zeus and the other Gods are struggling to figure out what their enemies are planning since they cannot interfere unless the Titans are released.

Rebecca, Bull the Minotaur and their friends, face their greatest challenges ever in the Land of the White Sun and Tartarus, where they will need to go on a perilous quest - a matter of life and death for their loved ones.

Will the newly discovered Oracle of Utopia be able to uncover the plans in time to save all the worlds?


"This is The Hunger Games but set against a backdrop of Greek myth and legend, where the Gods are real, their powers are imposing, and the future is in the hands of one girl. It's a rollercoaster ride with realistic and powerful battles against demons and monsters from a nightmare realm. Add in a sprinkling of science fiction, and this novel contains just about everything which readers might want from an epic fantasy adventure."

David J. Howe / The British Fantasy Society


explosive collision between Good and Evil... A never-ending conflict... A romance that becomes lethal... A duel that will determine the future of all the worlds!