Garbage Man image

Garbage Man

Joseph D’Lacey


Winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer, D’Lacey is best known for his shocking eco-horror novel MEAT. The book has been widely translated and prompted Stephen King to say - “Joseph D’Lacey rocks!”

Shreve, a dead-end town next to the UK’s largest landfill.

There’s nothing the bored residents won’t stoop to in an attempt to spice up their pedestrian lives. All wannabe model Aggie Smithfield wants is to escape before Shreve swallows her ambition along with a million tons of rubbish and dirty little secrets.

Desperate, Aggie asks renowned but reclusive ex-photographer, Mason Brand, for help. The deal they make might be the only thing that can save her when the town’s fate catches up with it. Beneath everyone’s feet, something born of the things we throw away is awakening.

And when the past is reborn, there will be no escape.

Reviews of the book -

“Leads the reader by the hand, then breaks his arm with a grin…Masterful.” Andy Remic

“Joseph D’Lacey has imagination to the nth power.” The Compulsive Reader

“Frighteningly realised…D’Lacey absolutely delivers.” Black Static

“An incredibly involving read…Great stuff!” Deathray

“In Joseph D’Lacey’s hands green is the new black!” Highlanders Book reviews

“Fast becoming the master of contemporary eco-horror, D’Lacey’s voice is absolutely unique in the field.” Bookgeeks