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Call Me Mistress

Jessica Black

It’s a strange world that I’ve stumbled into with no two days the same. I’ve bared my soul in this book, no holds barred. I’ll tell you about my premium rate ‘Dom Line’ where I abuse clients over the telephone while shopping in Tesco or filling up my car at the local gas station and I’ll describe the man who wants me to stamp on his feet with my high heels. It takes all sorts as the saying goes and I think I’ve met just about all of them. Sometimes I stand back and gasp because although I’m very much desensitized after several years’ activity, at least two or three times a month someone drops me an email that takes my breath away. Those emails are in the book too, some printed word for word, warts and all. If you do decide to take this book from your local bookshelf you’d better be prepared to be shocked but I promise you one thing, when you’ve finished, you will have changed your opinion of the creature known as man.

Available in digital and paperback format.

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